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The Bjra Method + Exposure Tips

2008-08-10 21:31:40 by bjraMethod

I originally was going to do a music guide entirely in news posts but I decided to instead do an audio course! I will upload them soon!

I'm doing these guides to help bring you the stuff that has helped me get to where I am in music production. I'm gonna try to do a bunch of these audio guides, in a series, each where I talk about a different aspect of music making.

My First guide is up! Give it a listen, it's about what I do to deal with writer's block!

Spread it around if you like it! Gimme a shout out if you hate it.




I got top weekly twice and now I feel empty. lol

You may say you have no idea where to submit your music for exposure, I have been finding cool little places for a while. let me share some of my ideas with you.

1) create a facebook account, and an ilike account. upload your songs to ilike. get the ilike application on facebook. send your songs on your ilike to all your friends on your facebook. add every friend from the peopel you may know list daily.

this is 500 people who listen to my song every time i upload, without much effort at all. most of these guys I know in real life. its more people everyday. i just delete any friends who complain its spam XD

2) upload your tracks to youtube. use cute title slides, and credits with links to the rest of your pages that are relevant. This is by far the most time consuming. I've been doing 1 video a day. Go see my youtube videos for an example of this. as you become more popular, the number of views will skyrocket.

3) myspace. yeah myspace blows ass, but keep adding friends, updating your songs here. put some info about yourself. a cute header picture. some pics. this is a place for your fans to look when they become interested in you

that's everything I've been doing for music exposure. save making the song themselves. lol


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2008-08-15 22:08:59

Nice idea. But don't you think the audio guides might be a bit inconvenient for people without anything to listen to them on, or people who don't want to listen to 15 minutes of talking? Audio guides are a good idea for, say, people who would rather spend the time listening to them on their MP3 player, but using both text and audio guides would attract a lot more readers/listeners, and in turn, a lot more comments - as is, you made this post five days ago and submitted your first installment one day ago, and you've received no comments and only one review. ;)

(Updated ) bjraMethod responds:

maybe I might do something like that later. Seems to be working well so far.

Let me quote the oreo pizza commercial guy, give it time


2008-08-19 15:42:12

mabye you should leave in a website of you'res a written version

bjraMethod responds:

The most I would do is just an outline going over the major points, I dont wanna copy down every time I say "um"" XD


2008-09-14 22:23:47

Foundation... wait what?

Keep it up.
Your the man.


2008-11-10 17:50:27

I just have to say, good idea! Haha, maybe you should make another one talking about writing or composing a decent melody (well if you actually know how to do it) you know setting a key for the song then a cool chord progression, placing notes and patters, etc...

That would be an awesome guide I think, and you would definitely get a good response from the portal.

(I could help ya out if you want haha)

But give it a shot!


2008-12-30 07:10:12


also, i heard some nasty things about taxi.com